Chapter Three - Part FiveMature

'So what exactly are we going to do? To send Alena to Heaven, or wherever she's meant to go?' Lucie asks that same night.

'I don't know. Finch said he'd take a look at some of his father's research, we're pretty much just relying on that at the minute,' you tell your friends.

Well, I'm not the first ghost to come along am I? How did you help the other ghosts?

'I don't know. I mean, they were...different. They seemed more violent in a way. They just moved on by themselves, I did virtually nothing.'

Violent ghosts. I haven't heard that before.

'You're thinking of poltergeists.'

Aren't they the same?

'I don't think they are. I think poltergeists are more into the haunting side of being dead. You're just into the "being as annoying as I can" side.'

'This is weird,' Jade frowns. 'I can never keep a track of what you're saying Nat. You always seem to be talking to yourself. It sucks that I can't see ghosts too. It sucks that I can't even hear what Alena's saying. Maybe then I'd be able to help more.'

Yeah it sucks to be you.

You ignore my comment as you try and soothe your friend. 'Just because you can't see her doesn't mean you can't help her. Listen, you too Lucie. When you both go home I want you to do whatever research you can on paranormal phenomena. Look up anything you can, crossing over to the other side, spirits, ghosts,everything.'

'What are you going to do?'

'I'm going to try and contact some of the other spirits, see if they can help Alena.'

We all stare at you as if you're crazy. But your face remains indignant; your eyes blaze with confidence. 'Guys I can do this okay? It won't be hard.'

But you just said yourself these guys weren't exactly friendly. What makes you think anything will change?

'Well I'm kind of hoping you'll be able to help with that part. Maybe you can convince them or something?'

Yeah I'm sure the word of a sixteen year old schoolgirl will really persuade a thousand year old ghost to act nice.

'Not a thousand...' you roll your eyes.

They're still not going to want to help me.

'It's worth a shot isn't it?' you shrug hopefully.

* * * *

I'm extremely nervous. 

We're both in your bedroom. I can still see the shiny bumps of candlewax stuck onto the wooden flooring from the seance last night. You have more candles spread around you and you're sat cross legged with your eyes closed. 

'Don't disturb me,' you whisper.

I mimic zipping my mouth shut but of course you don't see.

And so we begin.

The End

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