Chapter Three - Part ThreeMature

Everyone is deathly silent. 

Finch and you seem to be having some sort of dramatic stare-off. I'm frozen on the spot, not sure whether I make myself known or not, assessing whether he can actually see me. But then his eyes flicker towards mine. His brows crease. His mouth falls open and he shakes his head.

'What is it? I''s...'

'Finch?' you take a step towards him. He remains where he is, still shaking his head.

This is so awkward.

'Are you okay?'

Are you okay, really?

I don't mean to say this, I'm just used to mocking you, but Finch's head snaps up and his eyes burn straight into me. He doesn't look terrified though he looks...intrigued. In awe.

'You're a ghost,' he states.

Congratulations. Would you like a medal?

'Alena,' you snap. 'You don't have to be rude.'

'I don't mind,' a slow, creepy smile spreads across Finch's face, like he's discovered some great revelation, which I suppose he kind of has. He's discovered that ghosts exist.

'I know what's going on here,' he continues, gaining more confidence. 'My father researches it all the time. He researches all the paranormal phenomena in the world. I've known from a very early age that we're not alone.'

Good god. 

'Couldn't have put it better myself,' you mutter.

So Finch you can understand everything I'm saying?

'It's a tiny bit distorted, like a broken crackling sound, as though I'm losing frequency on a radio or something but yeah, I can. I can't believe it though! I'm actually experiencing this for the first time.' He actually punched the air. 'This is freaking awesome!'

'It's far from "freaking awesome" Finch. You do understand that you can't tell anyone about this, right?' You try to reason with him.

' father --'



My protest coincides at the exact same time as yours. Apparently, it's a topic we both feel very passionate about.

'Finch you mustn't tell anyone.'

'But why?'

Because it's dangerous.

I'm making this up on the spot. I don't actually know if it's dangerous or not, but he'd be a thousand times better off not telling anyone. So would I. It would probably put us all in jeopardy. 

'Okay,' he agrees gloomily.

You sigh in relief. 

But I see right through him. I've anticipated his next move.

The End

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