Chapter Three - Part TwoMature

You made some pathetic excuse to the P.E teacher about needing some fresh air and I had glided after you rather reluctantly. You were completely freaking out and I had no idea how to control the situation, and let me tell you, for a control freak like me this was something new. 

'What?' You yelled this so loud. 

Can you please keep your voice down? To anyone watching you're shouting to yourself in the middle of the tennis courts. Do you want people to think you're a total nutjob?

'Alena. Tell me exactly what you saw; describe him to me. I want to know every little detail of what he looked like.'

Gosh. Well here's the thing: I'm not his stalker. I only got one brief glimpse of him for like two seconds okay?

'I don't care! Start talking.'

Well. He had brown hair, fairly dark and it sort of cut, like this, across his forehead.

I make some stupid action with my hands, mimicking a pair of scissors, for once glad that no one but Melinda can see me. 

And his eyes were green. Not bright green, but not dark. Sort of a tree-ish green. A tree in summer. Moving into spring. Not quite autumn and definitely not winter. Um. His skin was fairly pale, not as pale as yours and he looked like he could be quite tall. I didn't get a good view of him though as he was sat down.

You were deep in thought. 'Hmm. Who could it be? Oh!' You click your fingers. 'Finch Ryder!'

Finch Ryder? Who in the name of all things ghostly would call their child Finch Ryder? It's like his parents are asking for their son to be bullied. 

'He's a loner. Sticks by himself a lot of the time. I had English with him last year. He doesn't make good small talk. It was so awkward.'

Okay. Finch Ryder. Let's go hunt this Finch Ryder out. 

We turn to go. 

And there he is. Standing in the entrance to the tennis courts. He's heard every single word.

The End

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