Chapter Three - Part OneMature

I deliberated with whether to tell you or not as I had no idea what your reaction would be. I was also hesitant as I might be completely misjudging the situation. He could have just been terrified of... um. Of the teacher. Or maybe he wasn't even looking terrified. Now that I mention it, did I even get a clear enough view of him to see?

But deep down I knew I was right. He had seen me. His eyes were focussed on mine. He was staring right at me.

So what was I going to do?

You were still in your class, but this wasn't going to stop me. I began to wander down the long corridor, glancing into rooms to see where you were. 

Room 105. A bunch of bored looking kids trying not to fall asleep while their teacher prattled on about something completely insignificant to the world. 

Room 106. Pretty much the same.

Room 107. A replica of the previous two rooms.

Room 108. A drama studio. Girls prancing around in leggings and leg-warmers, boys with slicked hair, clad all in black.

The hall where a class was doing P.E. A few guys in tight white shirts and baggy shorts. I lingered a little longer than necessary in the doorway.

But then I spotted you. You were sat on the bench at the far end of the room. Your eyes were glazed over; you looked completely bored.

I floated over towards you.


You nearly fell off the bench in surprise. You really weren't with it.

'Alena?' you said this a little loud; some girls sat next to you gave you a weird look.

Try not to raise suspicion. We don't want the whole school finding out you're communicating with a ghost.

You coughed, looked down. 'What is it?' you said under your breath.

We...uh. We have a problem.

The End

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