Chapter Two - Part FourMature

So you're okay with this are you?

'Yeah,' you tell me. 'Of course it's going to be strange but I need to help you. If I don't I know it'll stay on my conscience forever. Plus there's a very slim chance of you actually going away so I guess I have no choice.' You grin at me.


'I need to get ready for school.' 

Ah school, there's one thing I do not miss.

'I heard you were quite the "Queen Bee" at your school.' 

It was all fake. Completely fake. I was living a facade, it's a shame it took death to make me realize that.

You pout a little. 

Don't feel sorry for me please, I can't stand pity.

'Okay go wait with Jade and Lucie outside or something. Just don't do anything weird.'

Like freak them out?

'Yeah don't do that.' 

I float off down the stairs and through the door. It's quite a weird feeling, floating. It's completely effortless and is rather fun, but it's a constant reminder that I have no right to still be on planet Earth. It's telling me I need to bugger off to Heaven, or wherever it is dead people go.

Jade's leaning against a lamppost, a cigarette burning between her fingers. Lucie's texting someone, a little secretive grin on her lips.

I take the cigarette off Jade and throw it over a fence. She whips her head around, eyes wide with horror.

'Calm down,' Lucie says without looking up. 'It's just Alena.'

'Oh, shit. Alena you can't do that to me.' 

I find it amusing that she's not even facing me when she's talking; she's literally speaking to the lamppost. Her long blonde hair is pulled up into a high ponytail and her eyes are rimmed with black eyeliner. Lucie has gone for a softer, more natural look. I'm already beginning to know their personalities.

Moments later, you walk up the road.

'Nat can you please tell your ghost to not steal my things.'

Nat? Your name is Natalie? 

You glance at me and nod. 'No more Melinda. It's a horrible name, no offence.'

No. I like Melinda. It sounds better than Natalie.

'I won't respond if you keep calling me that.'

'Nat please, it's weird. Can you not like, have private conversations with your ghost?' 

I'm not a ghost. I'm Alena. 

'She doesn't like it when you call her a ghost.'

'Well she is isn't she? This whole situation is creepy.'

'You're perfectly fine with it when there are other ghosts.' 

'Yeah I know but...' Jade trails off. I try not to take offence. 

I drift behind you all as you begin your journey to school, trying to fight the urge to stalk someone else for the next six hours or so. 

I'm dead, I shouldn't have to go to school still. 

The End

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