Chapter Two - Part ThreeMature

It was dark that night, the clocks had just gone back an hour so the shadows of night approached faster. I couldn't imagine I was very visible; I wasn't exactly wearing anything bright. It was colder than usual too; approaching winter. Mum had lectured me that morning about taking a coat but you know how teenagers are; we care about our appearance and I hadn't invested in a coat that was flattering just yet.

Isn't it funny how you remember literally every little detail about the one event that would affect you the most?

So I was on the way home from school and there was a chill in the air. I remember thinking to myself that the first thing I'd do once I got my wages was buy a decent coat. I was imagining how it looked and everything. I was daydreaming.

I probably should have paid more attention.

It literally seemed to come out of nowhere. Two bright white orbs of death flying towards me. I was frozen on the spot. I didn't even have time to scream.

Everything's a little fuzzy after that. I remember the last thing I saw were the stars in the sky, twinkling away as if they were telling me that everything was going to be okay. I heard a squeal of tires; the car had obviously driven off.

Then everything went grey and I found myself wound up here.

A moment's silence followed my long depressive tale before you exhaled. Your features had gone soft, there was no longer that hard glint in your eyes. The cruel twist of your mouth had disappeared.

'I'm sorry,' you whispered.

'What is it?' Lucie murmured.

I listened to you recall my tale, word for word, and watched their expressions dissolve into sympathy. Lucie's eyes actually seemed to be watering.

'Don't you worry Alena,' Jade told me. 'We will catch him and we will help you. Even if it's the last thing we do.'

She had so much conviction in her voice that I didn't doubt her for a second. I didn't doubt any of you. For the first time I felt safe.

I felt secure.

The End

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