Chapter Two - Part TwoMature

Oh you want to know what happened to me when I was mowed down by a car? Tough luck. Some memories just don't need resurfacing.

'She's not telling you,' you whisper rather rudely. 

'Why not?' Blondie whines.

'Jade this is hard for her,' Lucie chides. 'Maybe she doesn't feel like opening up to a bunch of strangers.'

'But don't you understand? We're trying to help you.'

For your own selfish needs I bet. 

'Not selfish,' you protest. You sigh. 'Look, you're not the first ghost I've come across, okay? Maybe I just need to accept that I've got a "gift" or whatever it is. A curse. That sounds more apt. But there's nothing I can do about it, and I'll admit it isn't fair for you to be trapped here. We want to help you. But we can't do that unless you open up to us.'

I mull over your words; there's something true ringing within them. A tone of genuine sympathy. You feel sorry for me. You do want to help.

Okay. I'll bite. You want to know what happened? Brace yourself girls, it's not going to be pretty.

The End

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