Chapter Two - Part OneMature

I watch you all with morbid fascination. I know this stuff is all kooky and slightly pathetic, but it seems to be working. Your eyes are still closed, the candlelight has given you an eerie chalky complexion making your dark lashes even more prominent as they quiver against your skin with concentration.

You actually look quite powerful. 

'Alena,' the red head murmurs again. 'My name is Lucie. We're trying to help you.'

Help me? Why would you want to do that? You wanted to get rid of me before.

'Not my decision,' you retort through gritted teeth. 

'What isn't your decision?' your other friend pipes up. 'Wait a minute - is she talking to you?' 

'No way!' red head giggles.

This isn't a laughing matter you know. You don't know what you're messing with; who knows what you've opened the door to. We might not be alone in here, Melinda.

I try to make you listen, but you appear to be ignoring me. 

Okay then. Let's try a different approach. What do you want to ask me?

'She says ask away,' you tell your friends.

'Right. Alena. If you're here - well, you are here...' the blonde girl swallows nervously. 'We can help you. Tell us what happened - when you died.'

The End

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