Chapter One - Part OneMature

Death is strange.

Some people say it's supposed to be peaceful, how the hell would they know? I've heard a lot of rumours that your life flashes before your eyes and in your final moments you come to realize all the things you could have, should have, done differently. It all sounded very depressing to me when I was alive. Who wants a recap of all their mistakes as they lay dying?

I didn't have any flash, any sudden regrets, just terrifying darkness. It was dark for so long though, that's what disturbed me the most. Just an endless abyss, seemingly never ending... Imagine thinking that that's all you're going to be faced with from then on.

It's unnerving to say the least.

But then everything changed. Surprisingly, sticking true to the cliches, there was a white light. Only I wasn't supposed to 'walk to it' or anything kooky like that, instead it seemed to almost consume me. It was everywhere. The sudden shift from darkness to blinding light was disorientating. Along with the light, there seemed to come warmth. My entire being was shrouded in warmth and comfort. The most astounding feeling of absolute euphoria seemed to explode from within me, I was so utterly happy and warm

It was pure and utter bliss.

The End

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