So bored I could dieMature

This is my attempt at NaNoWriMo 2011.

My mother had always told me to look before I cross a road.

It made sense to anyone. It's drilled into children's minds everywhere, as part of their road safety lessons: look before you cross. Humans are fragile, so easily breakable, so imagine a big metal monster weighing approximately a tonne driving at just over 50mph  plowing straight into someone. 

That would hurt, right?

Unless you were killed instantly. I was lucky in this sense; I didn't feel a thing. Other people aren't so lucky. Some people can be reduced to a vegetable-like state thanks to reckless drivers. Bones can be crushed to powder; limbs twisted into impossible angles; skulls caved in, squeezing your brain like a bit of jelly.

I know it's a pretty disgusting, possibly even melodramatic. It would take a lot to turn someone's bone into powder. 

By now you're probably thinking that I'm some sort of sadistic, twisted freak who likes to dwell on the idea of death and pain. I'm really not, I just like to make people aware of how much damage a car can do. I'd tell anyone, if I could. Unfortunately, you're the only lucky soul that can hear me. 

Apart from the other poor buggers trapped with me.

I'm sorry, I haven't said anything about myself have I? 

I'm Alena, and I'm dead. Nice to meet you.

The End

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