Snowy Days

The cold breeze prickled at the skin across my cheek. I breathed in the frigid  air and exhaled the hot steam from the pit of my lungs. The numbing degrees that morning had been sudden and unexpected. I went passed the doorframe exposing myself completely to the cold. Before I knew it a shudder went down my spine as a white fleck fell upon the top of my hand. I looked up to the sky above, as I looked it became whiter and whiter. What should have been a cool day of partialy cloudy wheather had turned into snow. I looked back down to see my usualy black jacket having turned into a white snow suit, and my jeans that had once been a deep blue were now soaked black to my calfs. I cursed in silence to the dreaded snow that dared to ruin my day. I walked forward in hopes to ignore the children playing amongst it making snow angels and snow men, as I passed in a failure. The once forest green trees had become an unknown soft green you might see a little girl wearing from the layer of snow upon them. I walked passed without another look towards them. I braught up my pace as the snow began to thicken as I heard the children's mother calling them in. I had finally gotten to the car where my best friend Clara waited in the passenger set. “Gosh Alice, why are you so fraseled?” She asked after having looked me over.“I can’t stand this damned weather.” I commented.“I don’t understand why you hate the snow so much, you even did when we were in middle school.”“I have my reasons. Now let’s get going.”I brought my hand up and turned the key into the egnition. The car rumbled to life with effort from the engin fighting off the cold as I did. My car and I had an understanding and similarity ’we both hated the snow’.

The End

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