Chapter One: After The Apple cont...

He was standing authoritatively and was completely surrounded by the darkness of the gloomy interior. He was tall, husky, and encased in firm, silver armour. His helmet was covering most of his face but I could see that under his firm, silver helmet, his eyes were cruel and dark. I noticed that he grabbed Lorencio by the neck and was getting ready to skewer him, but I was not about to let that happen. I reached into my sack and brought out my bow and arrows.

The knight laughed in mock when he saw me in my blood splattered dress holding a weapon best fit for men. “Little girl, the queen has asked me to bring you to the castle alive. If you come with me now, your friend here might be spared.” He had a menacing grin on his face, Lorencio in a strong grip, and his eyes were so dark that I almost surrendered to his will. Almost.

“I’m not a little girl.” I snarled through clenched teeth. Then, before he could react, I lunged at him and set my bow in position. I immediately loaded it with a razor sharp arrow and fired, watching it soar through the air with lightning fast speed until it landed in the knight's chest. The force alone made him collapse on the ground with a resounding thud, and his grip on Lorencio was immediately loosened. In order to make sure that he was dead, I ran over to him and felt his pulse. His heart was still making a last effort.

"Next time you decide to call someone 'little girl,' " I spat down at him. "Make sure you get your facts straight." He looked up at me, completely horrified, with eyes that were as dark as the night, and managed to say his last words.

"Who-Who are you?" He whimpered cowardly, giving out a staggered breath. I looked him dead in the eye, making sure that I wasn't betrayed by my emotions. I felt nothing.

"My Snow White." Then, my hands slid up his neck and I broke it, ending his sorry, pathetic life.

"Imbecile." I spat in his face and continued walking back into the woods with Lorencio scurrying close behind.



The End

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