Chapter One: After The Apple cont...

“Lorencio, why are you following me?” I asked him with a tint of annoyance. Poor old man. Won’t last a day out here in the wild.

“Oh, so after I cure your precious memory with the enchanted apple, your to forget I even exist? Very well, I see where you stand now.” There was a hint of amusement in his voice.

Lorencio was the one that helped me remember my past.. Helped me remember who I was by giving me the apple. The mysterious luscious, rich, ruby, red apple with perfect curves, no bruises, and delicate scent that lured me in. Even though l find this short man to be shady, cunning, deceiving, and manipulative, he knows more information than he should, and I have a feeling that he’s more valuable to me than he looks.

“Fine. You can stay but don’t get in the way. You know I’m doing this for one reason and one reason only,” I sighed.

“Yes, yes, to ‘find your true love by negotiating with the queen.’ You talk in your sleep my dear.”

Okay fine, so I’ll try to strike a deal with the queen first. Then if that doesn't work, Plan B: Strangle the life out of her.

“Question,” Lorencio was pacing behind me. “What did you do with the rest of that apple? I imagine it only takes a few bites for it to work. Surely you didn't finish it off to the core.” Lorencio looked at me questioningly. I should have realized my mistake before I left the cottage. If that apple got to the queen...

“The apple. We have to return and get it.” Back to square one. After getting lost in the trees a few times, tripping over fallen ones, and bruising a few body parts, we finally made it back to the small cottage beside the lake without encountering any enemies. Immediately, I ran into the cottage and rapidly searched for the bright and luminous fruit. Once I spotted it across the room, I snatched it up and turned around to meet one of the queen’s knights, face to face.


The End

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