Chapter One: After The Apple

Snow White spends her days prancing around fields of flowers, singing with the birds, and hanging out out with her 7 favorite dwarves, right? Wrong. Snow White wants nothing more than revenge of the queen for taking away her true love, giving her a prince as compensation, and ESPECIALLY from making her live in a house of dwarves. Snow is now fully capable of killing the queen and she won't stop until she does just that. And you thought you knew Snow White.

I ran as the blood splattered onto my dress.

Caspian should have known better than to come back here. I took the dagger from the side of his pocket and thrust it into his chest. As I pulled out the wicked sharp dagger, the blood from the “deceased” rained down on my blue, white, and red dress. His body went limp but I pushed him aside and he fell on the floor. Before I left, I grabbed his weapons and sack then ran straight towards the entrance of that dusty cottage, though I’m sure that’s exactly what the queen didn’t want. A plan had already formulated in my head but I realized that as soon as I acted, the queen’s reinforcements would attack. Nonetheless, I lusted for revenge and I wasn’t going to stop at anything until I got it.

As soon as I opened the door, I ran the heck out of the dingy old cottage, past the sickeningly sweet smelling backyard, past the river bed that had crystal clear water flowing in a synchronized pattern over the rocks, and into the woods I went.

“Okay, I thought to myself. The queen has about 57 knights guarding the gate, 27 guarding inside the palace, and 72 scouting around the castle for mislead commoners. That means about 54 knights are searching for me at this moment.”

I stopped dead in my tracks. “54 knights that I would have to kill.” At this sudden realization, I looked at the cloudy sky, at the dead leaves scouring the ground, at the frozen grass clinging together for warmth, and I felt the harsh, cold wind whipping my short, shiny, black hair in my face. Winter. My least favorite time of year, season, weather, word, thought, everything. I hated Winter.

Because its the season I was born. The season that changed everything.

I continued to go deeper and deeper into the woods, and began to think about everything that just happened. The apple, the memories, the emotions. Especially the emotions. I took out a sword from the weapons I recently gathered off of the dead “prince” and drove it into the ground. I had such strong hatred toward the prince and the queen. I already took care of Prince Caspian and when I get my hands on the queen, I’ll strangle her until she turns a sickening shade of blue, rip out her cold-blooded heart, and--

There was a rustle in the bushes.

I tore the sword from the ground, placed it in the sack, retrieved a bow and arrow, and stood in position. I heard the sound again, except closer this time. When I turned around, I was facing a short, frail, middle-aged man with choppy brown hair and a graying beard.

I lowered my bow.

The End

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