Rapunzel Ch. 4

We talked and laughed until we passed the dwarves home. Snow White grabbed my arm and pulled me back as a hince on a horse almost hit us.

"It's him!" She whispered urgently. I raised my eyebrows. She marched off angrily after him.

"Where's Snow White? She's supposed to be in the coffin!" He asked the dwarves and pointed to the coffin.

"She's been out for a few years now." The oldest replied.

"Why?!" The hince shouted.

"Ask her yourself." The dwarves pointed behind him at Snow. He turned around to meet a knee between the legs. He bent over and before he could exclaim, Snow grabbed his head and smacked his face into her knee. Ouch. I thought as I cringed. Then, as his head went up, she punched his face. He staggered back.

"What........" Pant pant "was......that?" Then, apparently, he finally heard me.

"Go Snow! Go Snow! Go Snow!" I had my hands in fists doing a victory dance with them circling.

"Who.....are you?" He panted.

"I'm Rapunzel!" I put my hands on my hips.

"You can't be, you're supposed to be in your tower and your hair is too short." I wanted desperately to punch him. But, he was already in agony.

The End

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