Rapunzel Ch. 3

Shorts are comfy. My pack on my back was pretty light, making me feel light too. I started to sing.

"I was living in a fantasy
Waiting for somebody to rescue me
But I found the way  to light the dark
It was always here inside my heart!
No more fairytale pretending
I'll make my own happy ending!

If I wasn't meant to fly
I wouldn't have these wings
I wouldn't reach up to the sky
Every night, in my dreams

There's a voice inside of me
Saying, "I can do anything!"
Cause if Iwasn't meant to fly
I wouldn't have these wings."

My shirt was was tie-dye type color with trailing sleeves. When I neared the edge of the forest, I spotted Snow White.

"Ready to go?" She smiled.

"Yep! I'm in a good mood too!" I grinned and she laughed.

The End

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