Snow White ch2

"Nice Mom," I thought as I walked the20 miles to the dwarfs place.

"Hey guys, I'm back from my 'Long perolous journey'," I said as I bent over to get in the door way.

"She didn't catch you did she?" asked Dwarf No1.

"No, did Mother come by today?" I asked. They all nodded.

"Whad she say?" I asked pulling off my punk boots and nickers. They looked at eachother.

"Today she was a Peddler woman. As she was 11 years ago," We all laughed and gathered my things and put them in a saddle bag. 

"Did you guys get a donkey while I was gone?"


I saddled the donkey(because they were too short to) and walked off. The pace I'm going I'm gonna make it there by Dawn.

I started to run the 20 miles, Donkey barely keeping up with me.

The End

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