Rapunzel Ch. 2

"....so then what happened?" I asked as my mother came into my room with some milk. My mother had convinced Snow White to stay for a snack. We were sitting in my room at my table.

"So I got up, went to the dwarves' home, and (thank you Mrs. Rapunzel's mom) gave up on my hince."

"Punzel here gave up on her hince four years ago." Mother answered.

"Only because you told me that if I wer going to wait for him I might as well do it outside. So I did. I  went outside. I've been outside every day since. Can you believe he was surprised I could get out?" I rolled my eyes.

"I can't believe he didn't know there as a fire escape." Snow White took a sip of milk ("I'll be bringing in  the sandwiches in a few minutes").

" Yeah, (thanks mom!) there's a door leading to it on every floor on the stairway."

"Cool." Snow White looked up as my mother came in with PB&J sandwiches.

"Here you go! No big messes."

"Ok, thanks mom! I wonder how other princesses feel about this."

"Mm, good sandwiches. Me too." Snow White and I chomped on sandwiches for a few minutes before I responded.

"Maybe we should check it out!"

"Yeah, we can head back to the dwarves' home to pick up my stuff and then buy some horses."

"Sounds great! Let's start tomorrow. Meet me in the flower field at dawn tomorrow."

"Okay! Thanks for the snacks!"

"You're welcome!" We smiled at each other before Snow left.

The End

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