Snow White Ch1

I was sitting in a tree, minding my own business. As I was peeling an Apple,(You know why) A Hince on a horse with another princess rode to the tower near by.

"What the...?" I whispered.Looking at my pale skin, I relised that they had not seen me. "Whatever," I jumped down from the tree and pulled out my half skirt. "Ugh, green," I looked over and the girl in the tower was chasing the horsed Hince. Seven years late...For me at any rate.This guy looks like a clown being chased by a princess, Ijot. I stood in the shadows for a bit until the princess said, "Stupid dress!"

I walked out of the shadows and held up my green half skirt, "Sounds like you could use a pair of these! Green's not my color," I said as I handed them to her. "You sure?" she asked. "Sure I'm sure! Always need to be prepared to chase the hince around after slacking a few years. What's your name?" I asked, giddily.

"Rapunzel. I live just over there." You've got to be kidding? Her? Rapunzel? "Cut your hair?" I sumed up.

"Yup, once a week."

"Sweet!" We turned and headed toward the tower.

The End

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