Rapunzel Ch. 1

I sat in the flowers and thought about how to redecorate my bedroom; I redecorated it every month to shake things up and it was getting pretty dull in there. Sometimes, just after redecoration, I would blindfold myself just to test how well I changed it. If I don't stumble at least three times, something needs to be changed. As I gazed around, I spotted a clutch of stargazers. Reaching over, I plucked enough for a crown. As I started, however, I heard horse hooves in the distance. In a minute, a male rider appeared.

Hi, I'm Rapunzel. I was not, repeat not, kidnapped. I've lived here in my tower all my life with my mother. Unfortunately, she suffered a fatal injury and only cares for peace and quiet. Even if I'm whisper-humming, she'll shush me. After about a week of her shushing me, we finally agreed on a sound-proof door. She shushes me if I forget to close it, but whatever. Anyway, you know my hair length, my hair color is light brown, my eyes are hazel, and I'm about 5'4". One thing you should know about my hair is, I have to trim an inch off each day. If I don't, in one week it'll be a mile long. If I do, it grows to be a mile long in about a month. Unnaturally fast compared to most people, but natural for me.

Hiking up my skirt, I scrambled to my feet and sprinted to the hidden ladder in my tower. One more thing you should know is, I do a lot of sprinting, so I'm pretty fast. Back to story.

Scrambling up the ladder, I managed to get into the tower, finish and place the crown on my head, and still make myself presentable. As the rider came to a stop at the bottom of the tower, I looked out and saw there was another princess on his horse.

"Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down thy hair. So I may climb thy golden stair."

"Stop with the poetry. I know your just trying to impress me. Who's your girlfriend?" I raised my eybrows at him.

He sighed then answered," I'm supposed to pick you up for my brother. So could you please let down your hair so I can climb up it and rescue you?"

"Why didn't he come?"

"I don't know. Please let down your hair."

"I can't."

"Why not?" He looked confused and slightly worn out. His patience seemed that way anyway.

"I got a haircut!" I held out my head so he could see my hair was neatly at my shoulders.

"You're not supposed to do that!"

"Why not?" I pulled my head back into the room a bit.

"That's against protocol! You're supposed to follow protocol!"


"I don't know! You're just supposed to! You're supposed to let down your hair, have me climb up it, rescue you, then we live happily ever after! Well with my brother anyway."

"I'm supposed to this, I'm supposed to that! This is what I'm supposing of your protocol!" I pulled all the way into my room then hurried to the back of my room. Opening a door, I stepped out to the fire escape. Sliding down the pole, I ran around the tower and started to chase the hince.  I had almost caught up to him when he had jumped onto his horse. I still chased him until we were in the forest. Panting, I came to a stop as he galloped away with his lucky princess.

"Stupid dress!" I exclaimed. "If I weren't wearing this stupidly heavy dress then I would've caught him before he even got onto the horse!"

"Sounds like you could use a pair of these!" A girl jumped out of the shadows. I recognized her instantly. Snow White, the most beautiful girl in the land. Her hair was darker than the shadows, her lips redder than blood, skin making it evident she took a long nap without the sun. She held out a pair of forest green shorts with half a skirt attached to the back. "Green's not my color."

Taking them, I looked at her. "You sure?"

"Sure I'm sure! Always need to be prepared to chase the hince around after slacking for a few years. What's your name?" She asked cheerfully.

"Rapunzel. I live just over there." She seemed confused for a second.

"Cut your hair?"

"Yup. Once a week."

"Sweet!" We turned at headed to my tower.

The End

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