Scene Nine

the wedding
ENSEMBLE are standing around as wedding guests. PRINCE and SNOW WHITE are CS, ready to be married. DWARVES are generally mingling, as is SERVANT. EVIL QUEEN enters SL slowly.

NARR. 2: Because the evil queen, when asking her mirror the usual question, had been answered yet again with:
MIRROR: (from offstage) Snow White is the fairest, O queen.
NARR. 2: Which didn't please her one bit.
NARR. 1: In fact, it rather confused her.
NARR. 2: Having killed Snow White several times.
NARR. 1: And so she came to the wedding of Snow White and the Prince, to see if the rumours were true-
NARR. 2: The rumours that said the prince's bride was the fairest in the land.
NARR. 1: And so, just as the happy couple were about to be wed-
NARR. 2: She burst through the crowds in a fit of anger.

EVIL QUEEN bursts through the crowds in a fit of anger. Or whatever.

NARR. 1: The Prince ordered his guards to seize the queen: 
PRINCE: Guards! Seize her! 


NARR. 2: And this is the best bit. He ordered the queen be forced to wear iron shoes, heated on hot coals.

GUARDS strap the shoes to the EVIL QUEEN's feet. She hops about, or whatever, burning, and eventually falls to the floor.

NARR. 1: So it finally was a happy ending.
NARR. 2: Not if you're the queen.
NARR. 1: Anyway.

SNOW WHITE and PRINCE embrace. NARRs 1&2 walk CS, so the couple are behind them.

NARRs 1&2: The End.

Exeunt omnes.

The End

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