Scene Eight

the forest
ENSEMBLE move to be dotted around the stage at different heights and in different 'tree' positions. As NARR. 1 speaks, the DWARVES go back to their original horse-shoe positions behind SNOW WHITE, facing the audience.

NARR. 1: But anyway. So they built their coffin, and guarded it day and night. Until one day, when a handsome prince came riding by.

Enter PRINCE and SERVANT SR. They stand DSR. Then they see SNOW WHITE.

PRINCE: Oh, what a fair maiden! Tell me, dwarves, who is she?
DWARF: Her name is Snow White, and she was murdered by her evil stepmother who rules this land.
PRINCE: Oh. No chance of marrying her then, I suppose. (thinks) I know what I'll do. I'll take her in this coffin back to my palace, where I can always look at her beauty.
DWARF: We wouldn't part with Snow White for all the gold in the land!
PRINCE: She'd be very well cared for...
DWARF: Okay.
DWARF: We'll leave you to it, then.

The DWARVES exit SL. PRINCE exits SR. As NARR. 1 speaks, SERVANT mimes carrying the coffin on his shoulder.

NARR. 1: The Prince ordered his servant to carry Snow White in her coffin all the way back to his palace. But the coffin was so difficult to carry, and so heavy, that the servant soon grew tired of carrying her everywhere.

SERVANT puts down his mimed coffin, and turns to face SNOW WHITE.

SERVANT: I carry you everywhere, and you just lie there, you lazy- ! Why don't you just wake up and walk yourself for a change?

SERVANT slaps SNOW WHITE round the face, and she wakes up, choking. PRINCE enters SR.

PRINCE: Snow White! She's awake!
SERVANT: I did that.
NARR. 1: And so Snow White didn't die, and instead she married her handsome prince. They went away to his castle where they were married, and lived-
NARR. 2: No, wait, it's not quite the end yet.

The End

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