Scene Five

the cottage
ENSEMBLE move from their 'tree' positions to create the inside of the cottage. They all face inwards, creating a half box shape. SNOW WHITE enters through the 'door', USC.

SNOW WHITE: Oh, how sweet! But I'm so tired...

SNOW WHITE falls asleep DSC.

NARR. 1: Snow White was so tired that she fell asleep, there and then.
NARR. 2: I believe that's called breaking and entering.
NARR. 1: Shut up. Anyway. Before too long, the owners of the house returned home after a long day's work...

Enter DWARVES from USC. They create a horse-shoe around the sleeping SNOW WHITE. When they're standing there, they all gasp. On the last (huge) gasp, SNOW WHITE wakes up suddenly.

DWARF: Who are you?
DWARF: What are you doing in our house?
SNOW WHITE: My name is Snow White. I just fell asleep in your house for a minute. I'm really sorry. You see, my mother died when I was just a baby...
NARR. 1: And so Snow White told the dwarves the whole story. By the time she was finished, the dwarves were so completely in love with this beautiful young girl that they told her she could stay in their house.
NARR. 2: As long as she did all the cooking, all the cleaning, washed all their clothes, scrubbed the floor...
NARR. 1: I see you're the voice of optimism, as ever. Well. In the morning, the dwarves all had to leave for work.

The DWARVES leave USC, all except for one DWARF, who turns to face SNOW WHITE.

NARR. 1: But before they left, they gave her one last piece of advice:
DWARF: Don't open the door to anyone.

He exits.

NARR. 1: Snow White assured the dwarves that she was fine, that she was no longer in danger.
NARR. 2: But Snow White was wrong. She was in danger.

The End

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