Scene Two

the forest
ENSEMBLE move to be dotted around the stage at different heights and in different 'tree' positions. Enter HUNTSMAN SL, dragging SNOW WHITE. He drags her CS, where they stop. As they pass the trees, they 'claw' at SNOW WHITE.

NARR. 1: So the Huntsman took Snow White deep into the forest...
NARR. 2: And prepared to kill her.
HUNTSMAN: I'm going to kill you.
SNOW WHITE: No! Please! (begs)
HUNTSMAN: Oh, fine. I won't kill you. But you'll have to run further into the forest if you want to be safe from your wicked stepmother.
NARR. 1: She did.


NARR. 2: Hey, wait! You're meant to kill her!
HUNTSMAN: Yeah, I know. But she'll probably die in the forest anyway.
NARR. 2: Oh, okay then. That's all right. But what are you going to tell the queen?
NARR. 1: Just then, a small, cute, furry little boar came gambling through the forest...

BOAR runs past from SR.

NARR. 2: So the Huntsman killed it. And he took out its liver and lungs to give to the queen.
NARR. 1: And off he went, back to the castle.

The End

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