Grumpy the Disgruntled One

Grumpy Dwarf, following the critical acclaim of his semi-autobiographical turn in the 1937 smash hit Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, secured a speaking role as a Munchkin just two years later in the screen adaptation of The Wizard of Oz. Appearing as the Munchkin who insisted on proof of the wicked witch's death, he unwittingly contributed to the perception that he could only do 'curmudgeonly' roles.

Unfortunately this reputation only made him grumpier and incredibly difficult to work with. Directors quickly grew tired of his diva-like demands on set, particularly his insistence that "all the ladies have to call me Big Grumps" and his stubborn refusal to work with any of his former Seven Dwarf cast mates.

The calls to audition grew fewer and further between as Grumpy sunk into a deep depression. Inevitably he turned to alcohol to cope, as he had no friends to lean on by this point. The years passed in a drunken blur and he became the 'forgotten dwarf', never appearing at the various cast reunions that were held every decade (always hosted by the Prince, of course).

Just when it appeared as though all hope was lost for Grumpy, the role he was born to perform appeared in 1969. He had finally found a vehicle for his natural disposition and was reborn in a trashcan on a quiet little street as... Oscar the Grouch.

And you can still find him on that street today, if you know how to get there...

The End

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