Doc the Scholarly One

Doc, After so many years cooped up in studioius research become somewhat damaged by the fame, He spent about 6 months in a drunken binge, unable to determine which side of the barstool he fell off.  Until an ugly incident with a drug coctail overdose ....

This was what Doc needed to straighten out.  Waking up next to the 3 foot 2 corpse of a hairless dog and not knowing just what you did for the prior 6 weeks will do that to a guy!

Sadly the months of alcohol, combined with whatever could be licked, sucked, snorted or injected within his reach had taken it's toll on Doc's once sharp intellect.  So he did what every good hollywood failure does, lied on his resume, rode the coat tails of his previous work in academia into low budget talk show featuring coal mining wife abusers and their gold mining girlfriends!

The End

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