{Chapter Two} A New Friend.Mature


I ran through the woods until I couldn'trun anymore. The sickening laugh of my step-mother still rang clear in my mind, and tears streamed out of my eyes. My father is dead. My father is gone. He's gone.

She killed him.

In truth my step-mother had always been jealous of me; I had all my father's affection, and my mother's fair skin and sparkling crystal blue eyes. I inherited my dark, raven-black hair from my father.

My step-mother's name was Justina, or as I like to call her "evil step-mom from the darkest pit of Hell". She was tall, willowy, and blonde with light green eyes. If you looked at her you could tell she was plastic; she had fake hair, fake lips, fake boobs, and even her green eyes were fake. She wore contacts over her dark brown eyes because she thought guys looked at lighter eyes more than dark eyes.

My father was still in love with my mom, even after her death. He never let go of her, so he held onto me. I looked almost exactly like my mom, except for my hair, but he always said that only made him love me more. He always claimed he loved Justina, but both Justina and I could see he was still clearly stuck on my mom and would never let go.

Justina was only with us for the money.

My father retired from owning a multi-million dollar franchise ten years ago, and passed the bussiness onto my cousin. He was loaded in retirement money, and always lavished Justina and I in gifts whenever he could. It was enough for me, but was never enough for Justina. She wanted the money - all of it - and she wouldn't rest until she got it.

That's why she killed him.

And I'm next.




I collasped when I finally couldn't run any longer. I welcomed the darkness as it took over. What else could I do? My heart was broken.

When I woke up, I was met by a pair of jade green eyes. I jumped back instantly, a feeling of fear rushing up my spine, that made me shudder and my teeth chatter. Who was this stranger?

"Hey, hey," he said catiuosly. "You don't need to be afraid." That didn't stop me from shaking. I got a good look at him; he had spikey blond hair, jade green eyes, and a sweet yet michevious smile. "My name is Damien; Damien Harper. What's yours?"

"Mir-Miranda," I said nervously.

"What were you doing in the woods all alone?" he said, curiosity blazing in his eyes. "Doc found you, wet, exhausted, and covered in dirt. What happened?"

"I-I ran away from home. " I admitted, looking at my hands. "W-what are you going t-to... A-a-are you going to hurt me?"

"What?! No?! Girl, what kind of family are you coming from?!" He ran a hand through his spikey hair, and sighed. "I better bring the rest of the guys in here. They would want to know the princess has finally awakened."

"R-rest of th-the guys?" I said incredulously.

"Yes," he said, smiling. "My six brothers would love to meet you, Miranda."

The End

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