Snow White and the Seven DorksMature

When you witness a murder, and the murderer comes after you, what do you do? Run, obviously. But what if you had the option of protection by seven hunky and smart stranger?


This is an experiment I just wanted to cook up.

Miranda lives in a house full of boys. She was adopted into a house of all boys. These boys happen to be super geniuses - and completely god-like, jaw droppingly sexy.

First there's Joe - The party animal and the computer genius. He works on everything that involves parties, hot broods, and the AV club.

Second, Damian - the rock god, and mad scientist. He plays five different instruments, is in a band, and is in love with anything that involves extreme science and inventions people are too scared to test out.

Third, Maxwell - Book Nerd, and Literary God. He could persuade you to do anything with his incredibly sexy voice, gentle ways, and poetic flare.

Fourth, Rikki - Athlete, and extremist. He is the dumbest of the group, but considering how smart everyone in this house is, 'dumb' has no meaning. He's a straight A student, a Casanova, and overall a big teddy bear, and the sweetest one in the group.

Fifth, Xaiver - ex-druggie and silent pleader. He is Maxwell's fraternal twin, seeing as they are nothing alike and barely look anything alike at all. He, like Maxwell, is a persuader - but not with sounds, his voice, or his writing - he pleads with his beautiful, silver eyes.

Sixth, Alexander - Snob and actor of the group. He is very self absorbed, and knows everything there is to know about plays, movies, TV shows, and acting. He likes to keep his genius secret to stay in the 'in crowd'.

And Last, Seth - He hides in the shadows, barely coming out. He is the leader of them all, but he hides himself away, only to be seen at certain points of the night and day. His genius will amaze you, astound you even - if your lucky enough to catch him, that is.

Miranda is an average, yet outgoing and sweet girl - but in her eyes lay dark secrets she doesn't dare tell anyone. Will she find her prince charming among these humble dorks? Or will her evil step-mother do away with her before then?

Find out her fate in this new twist on a childhood classic - "Snow White and the Seven Dorks".

The End

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