52nd Page (End)Mature

-3 months later-

I couldn't remember the last time I felt so empty. Losing her had really got me to reconsider many of the decisions I've made in my life. I still blamed myself for her death. I should've known better. I should've seen it coming. The struggles that I'd gone through those many years back didn't compare to the remorse I was currently feeling. I often told myself that this was something else I'd just have to get over. Life never really gave us a choice in the matter. However, I refused to think of her in this way. Taking Seth's life wasn't at all difficult. He had it coming. I couldn't really control what I was feeling then, either. When that happened, I felt something familiar that I hadn't experienced in a long time. Back then, it had been so easy. I'd simply protect them and they'd do the same for me. No emotional obligation involved. For the longest time, I thought this to be the only way of life and blindly did as they asked of me. Of course, I regretted this long after I was forced to leave them behind, but I couldn't shake the feeling of my new found bitterness and resentment I had towards myself. I doubted I'd ever forgive my pitiful mistake.

Where I was sitting just so happened to be where her and I often hung out. It really felt empty and oddly quiet. Taking out that laptop she'd given me, I wondered why she'd do such a thing. I ran my hand over the top of it, like she had. Strangely enough, this felt quite reassuring. I carefully lifted the lid and turned the machine on. It loaded up everything normally and I watched it silently. There were several folders all along the desktop. They all were titled many different dates of some kind. I looked in one and noticed that she'd saved several of my scripts in there. I looked in some of the others and noticed that there were a number of documents written in plain text format. Opening one of the files, it seemed to be a schedule of some sort. I read through some of the lines and tried to match up when they'd happened. They were amusing in places because she'd written down, “Bothered by OpalSnow again.” In some of the later entries, the wording had changed somewhat, as if her opinion of me had become different in a way it could be seen even here. I closed out of the documents and sighed. This wasn't really helping with the misery I currently felt. Looking back at the desktop, I opened a differently worded folder and saw that there was a single file inside. It was in a format I hadn't seen before. I wondered what would happen if I clicked on it, but I was hesitant because I didn't want to damage the machine. My curiosity won unfortunately and the second I clicked on it, the cursor froze for a moment and I started to panic. I was able to move it after a few minutes, but the computer sounded like it was overworked. It didn't look like there was obvious reason why it would be. I was about to shut it down before something strange happened. A dialogue box suddenly appeared and it looked like something was writing text on there.

BlackSky: I told you not to worry.

The End

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