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When I woke up again, it took me a few minutes to remember what had happened. The scenery around me wasn't familiar at all. It appeared to be some room in a sterile area, so I assumed that I'd somehow managed to get help before I bled out. After trying to sit up several times, the pain from before came rushing back and I soon wasn't able to move at all. I wondered what happened after I'd passed out. If the culprit had escaped, then I'd probably be taken by him again at some point. That look he had on his face was something I doubt I'd ever forget. There was so much hate in his eyes. It was frightening to imagine that I could've turned out like him.

I was still quite sore when someone entered the room and walked up to my side. Even though I couldn't see clearly, I knew who it was. I moved slightly to try and see him better, but even that grew to be an impossible task. Cursing under my breath, I kept trying to not this overcome me. Darek remained quiet beside me for a long time. I didn't want to break the silence because I didn't have anything to say. There were a lot of questions running through my mind, but I doubted he'd want to talk about it. He always seemed bitter whenever he spoke about his past or anything personal.

“I'm sorry for what happened. I should've known that he was behind this.” His voice was quiet and full of remorse.

“I want to say that it's just fine, but...it's kind of everything but at the moment.” I replied even though it hurt to even speak.

“I know. You shouldn't have ran in front of me when he fired.”

“Then you would've gotten hit and I wouldn't be able to live with myself knowing that I let it happen.”

“Still. You shouldn't have. I should've been more careful. How could I have been so blind?” His words were somehow painful to hear.

“Don't waste time beating yourself up over it. What happened to him after I passed out?”

“He is now filled with holes. That's all I will say.” Darek looked away.

“How long have I been in this room?” I asked, rubbing my eyes to attempt to see clearer.

“A few days. Your dad has been here several times, already. He seemed really concerned. I'm sure we all felt the same way because you weren't waking up.”

“Ah.” I said, going silent as the ache overcame me.

“You okay?”

“It hurts a lot. I'm sure that's obvious though. It should be anyway.” I replied bitterly.

“Full of mirth and merriment as always, I see.”

“Hey, I left the laptop at school. Do you know what happened to it?”

“I brought it with me, don't worry. I thought that it was odd that you'd left it behind.”

“You didn't mess with it, did you?”

“I've haven't really had time to even think about anything else lately.”

“Would you mind bringing it to me?”

“Kay. I'll be right back.” He nodded slowly before leaving the room.

I was left alone again. Looking out the window, I could tell that it was dark outside. I started to get a little uncomfortable being alone in a place I knew nothing about. Being sore and cold didn't help at all. It was silent to a point that it hurt my ears. I had a few moments to think to myself. My thoughts were scrambled and I had difficulty focusing out a single one to ponder on. I sighed and did my best to relax despite how uncomfortable I felt. It didn't take me long to figure out what was going to happen to me. I looked down at myself and I could tell that I'd taken several shots to vital areas. How long until I'd eventually succumb to this, I didn't know.

The End

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