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“It's pointless. You can't expect them to treat you any different even after you see them differently. They won't ever change.”

“They don't have to. It's not always them who are wrong.”

“All of you are worthless.” He walked up to me and I kept the gun aimed at his head.

“Don't force me to make a decision I'll regret.”

“Go ahead. Do it. You'll end up just like me. You won't be able to stop once you've taken a life. You won't be able to ignore everything reality throws at you.”

“I won't let it happen.” I replied with much uncertainty.

“You have no idea. No one does. I, however, am one step closer, and always one more ahead of you all.” While I was distracted, he was able to get the weapon from my grasp and throw me aside.

I cursed under my breath because I was heavily fatigued from this ordeal and I hadn't exactly hit the ground with grace. Slowly getting to my feet, I saw that the situation was now reversed. Only now, I could see that there was no hesitation in his eyes. It was pretty clear now that I had no way out. Even if I could somehow find an exit and make a run for it, I'd still have him after me. I probably wouldn't be able to try and manipulate him again. We both knew that I was out of options.

“Any last words?” He asked, his expression was filled with an intense hate.

“You got me.” I admitted.

“Not even going to fight anymore, huh?”

“I have my reasons, but it's useless for me to try and fight my fate.”

“You at least are aware of that. Such a shame.”

I saw him pull down on the trigger and I shut my eyes expecting to see my life flash before my eyes in an instant. Hearing a shot ring out in the air, I waited for several moments before I heard something fall over in front of me. I opened my eyes to see him keeled over against the wall with a gunshot wound to his shoulder. He covered it with his hand and glared towards the door.

“You again? How many times do I have to kill you?”

“Keep trying. Really. See where it gets you.” Darek said as he walked into the room.

“How could I possibly be found here?”

“You left a pretty obvious trail. It would be embarrassing for me not to notice.”

“Ugh, still trying to get revenge for what happened, I see.” Seth said bitterly.

“Not anymore. I only came here for her.” Darek glanced in my direction.

“You shouldn't have.” I inched towards him in hope that I could escape at some point.

“Too late, miss.” He smiled briefly.

“Yeah, both are.” Seth got to his feet and clumsily loaded the weapon again before aiming it at him.

Darek was still looking at me when this happened and I could tell that another shot was about to be fired, so without another thought, I got in front of him and braced for whatever may come. Several were fired and I fell over when the pain became too much to bear. From what I understood, I'd taken several gunshots to numerous areas. As my consciousness faded, I was relieved to see that he hadn't been injured. He was saying something I couldn't really hear until his voice drowned out and I was met with darkness.

The End

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