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“Okay. But why?”

“Let me answer your question with another. Why did you create those lines of code? Was it your way of forcing revenge on those who thought little of you? I'd seen first hand of what sort of damage that particular program had done. One could only assume that there was some form of malice involved?”

“I see. Yeah, that's probably why.”

“You wouldn't happen to regret that now, would you? Those people got what they deserved. They all do in the end.” He said in a hateful tone.

“I don't see why I should.”

“Oh, you just have make me rethink everything, hm? I -was- going to off you like the others, but it's obvious that you aren't quite like them.”

“I don't know about that, but surely someone as bright as yourself can only have his brilliance be appreciated by those who are like-minded?”

“Perhaps. You did make yourself difficult to find, I'll give you that.” He took out a gun and was trying to figure out how to load it in a place this dark.

While he was doing this, I used my other hand to take out the hairpin and unlocked what was keeping me in place. I stayed in the spot because I wasn't sure how he'd react. When I heard the gun load, I looked back in his direction. It didn't seem like he'd noticed. Even though he was obviously conflicted, I had to attempt to manipulate him further so I could have a chance at escape. The only problem would be that I might not act genuine.

“I am truly conflicted now, you see?” He walked up to me slowly.

“And why is that?”

“At this time, I want to both end your life like the others, and yet, I also want to keep you here. I don't suppose you'd be open to working along my side? It'd be simple, really. Our goals wouldn't be any different, I don't think.”

“Oh, but I would only hold you back.” I said in my most convincing suggestive tone.

“Maybe. But, we could work on that.” This person was close enough that I could see him smile through the darkness.

“I am willing to co-operate if you can put up with my lesser intelligence.”

“Like I said, we could change that. Anyone else probably would be stubborn in their beliefs until they die, but I see that, if anything, you can adapt well. I suppose that is something I find of value.” He came in closer and looked down at me.

“I look forward to being of service.” I smiled halfheartedly.

“Very good.” He was uncomfortably close as he reached behind me to unlock the restraint.

I decided to take my chances at escape and kicked him in the stomach before taking the gun that he'd dropped out of sheer surprise. Now aiming the barrel of it to the side of his head, I shook off the odd disposition I had earlier.

“What is this?” He glared up at me.

“You are right, you know? We are a lot alike. And I did create that program with the intent of causing damage. But I realized that I couldn't keep living my life that way. I was just running from what I considered to be the horrible truth of reality. I recently realized that what I'd been hiding from might not have even been there to begin with.” I said, both reflecting on my words and watching him closely.

“Ugh, now you're starting to sound like one of them.”

“I was wrong to close myself away from everyone.”

“So, you going to kill me now?” He asked in an uneasy tone.

“No. I am not you. If you'd caught me earlier, I would've probably joined you, or even let you kill me. But, now have reason to fight for what I believe in.” I lowered the weapon and thought of what I should do next.

The End

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