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“The next class starts soon, though?”

“I don't feel like going. I'd rather be here.” I replied quietly.

“Okay, you're obviously messing with me again.” He sighed and backed away in a confused manner.

“Am I, though?” I asked even though it was obvious I was.

“You, miss, will surely be the death of me.” He laughed.

“Probably.” I said, trying not to think too much about it.

Later, I was about to head back home and I couldn't help but grimace at the weather outside. I wasn't able to convince him to stay behind any more than I'd already had. He said he'd be late if he did so. Even though I did now feel rather lonely without him here, I didn't at all regret that being with him had caused me to be this way. What we'd done before wasn't anything too noteworthy. He'd just sat closer than usual and we'd made small talk about random topics. When other people had managed to spot us, they pretended that we weren't were. I was glad for this, but a part of me didn't want to be looked at in such a way anymore. They always saw me as someone to avoid. I guess that there wasn't too much I could do in that case, that is, without altering myself to a point where I'd just live a sad life only wanting to be validated by others. Now thinking even more about it, I realized how much I depended on Darek's input in my life. I didn't know whether to either hate or like this fact.

It was strangely quiet as I stood up and went up the door. The weather outside wasn't inviting in any way. Hearing people approach nearby, I panicked and ran out the the door. Even though I was glad that no one had seen me, I was annoyed with my rather awkward exit. I was about to turn to go back inside before I heard something behind me. Before I caught a glimpse of what was really happening, I seemingly took a rough blow to the head and knocked down. The last thing I saw was the ground rushing up to meet me.

“Greetings. I do believe we have met before. Well, not directly of course.” Someone voice said.

The sound was enough to stir my consciousness from its idle state. Before me, the scenery was dark and not at all pleasing to look at. It seemed that I was in a dark room of some sort, but it was difficult to see clearly. I thought that it was rather cliched that there was a handcuff around my wrist and the other was locked around the chair I was sitting on. Eyeing the lock, I contemplated whether I could pick it open easily or not. My attention then went to the other person in the room.

“Going to ignore me? How rude.”

“You really want me to be considerate after you dragged me here against my will?”

“Oh, so I take you know who I am?”

“I have a pretty good idea.”

“Makes sense, then. I should've expected that from someone like you.”

“So, I assume you're going to take my life just like you did theirs, Seth?” I paused a moment to remember his name fully.

“I see we found out quite a bit about each other, hm?”

“Seems so. You and I, aren't that much different.” I worded myself carefully, watching his dark figure and studying his response.

“Perhaps. We do both find interest in avoiding those who stifle our state of being.”

“You'd really kill someone much like yourself?”

“Ah, that is the point, you see? Only a few have even been able to even find the clues I'd oh-so-carelessly left behind. On purpose. Maybe.” He laughed to himself.

The End

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