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Around a week later, I still missed the presence that program. I doubted I'd ever get over the feeling of loss that it had left me with. As much as I'd tried to distract myself, I could only assume that it was useless to try and leave it behind. The people around me weren't blind to my grief, either. I wouldn't ever tell anyone what had really happened. This was something I decided a few days after the program vanished. As concerned as my parents probably were, I didn't think they'd believe what I'd told them, no matter how much they already knew. Darek had been trying to lift my mood lately, but I found that this got to a point where I considered his contact to be too much. I wasn't sure if I regretted tearing down a few of my walls to let him through yet. Unfortunately, I saw him like he was another program I had to deal with. I'd usually just do what he wanted until he became less obnoxious. This sometimes meant I had to engage in contact I didn't enjoy for the most part. I'd watch him carefully, as though I were reading through his script. As a joke, I thought that it was amusing that the lines wouldn't be as endless as I'd recently thought. I found that I was smiling without really knowing it. The class that I was currently taking wasn't one I was particularly interested in, so I drifted off often, not really wanting to he here. When it finally ended, I wondered if I should do something else other than hide in the hallway again. I recently tried just standing next to others awkwardly, but of course, this never went anywhere. Not really wanting to try this again, I went to my usual spot and took out the laptop. I was currently in the process of shutting down the rest of the programs I'd made in the past. For some reason, it felt as though they were giving me a false sense of identity. They'd been the only thing I could really indulge myself into. But in the end, they were all the same. At least, this is what I now realized. I know that it had been mentioned that there were others that had developed a sense of being, but it probably wouldn't happen again in my lifetime. It wasn't easy deleting the numerous files that made them run. I felt slightly on edge when I couldn't remember what some of them even did. This proved to be even more difficult when I looked up and saw Darek staring down at me. He came over and sat down by my side.

“I wonder, why is the word 'sky' in your name spelled differently?” His attention was on the screen for some reason.

“I could ask something similar of you.” I replied quietly.

“My parents thought that it was creative. I honestly beg to differ.” He said in an annoyed tone.

“Skye was my mother's last name. I don't mind it that much, I guess.”

“Hm, I've seen your dad but, er, how do I put this?”

“She's no longer here.” I said as I tried not to let the pain of my own words get to me.

“Oh. I'm sorry.”

“It's fine. I like to think that she's in a better place now.”

“I never thought that you'd be one to believe in the afterlife.”

“Me, neither.”

“I'm confused, but I'm not going to bother you more about it.”

“Thanks.” I looked down at the floor.

“Oh, I should also mention that I've been kind-of forced to leave for work right after school. Will you be okay walking home?”

“Yeah, probably.”

“Okay, then. Um, so...” He stood up and looked strangely anxious.

“Be careful out there. Alright?” I did the same and hugged him gently.

“Of course.” His mood seemed to have lifted when he hugged me back.

He looked reluctant to move away when I didn't.

“How about you stay for just a little longer?” I whispered.

The End

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