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After walking into the living room and finding a place to sit, my step-mother wanted to know why I looked upset. I had said that it was nothing and then she had claimed that it was odd for me to be upstairs because of all the time I usually spent in my room. Our conversations then became brief and simple. Perhaps my disposition was more bleak than normal, but it wasn't something I wanted to talk about or even to have other people notice. My father came home a while later, but I was troubled because I didn't really know how to act in this sort of situation. Plus, what my...mother had asked of me only made this more uncomfortable. How would he even believe such a thing even happened? Thinking more about this, I eventually figured something out. If she really would be with me like she said she would, then I wanted to make her feel proud. I would make my life one I wanted others to be a part of. I was certain that this is what she would want, as well. My dad caught my attention when he walked up to me and put a hand on my head.

“Ready to go?” He asked simply.

“Yeah.” I nodded, not really wanting to say anything else.

“Good. I'm sure you'll enjoy yourself.” My father smiled briefly before going outside and I fallowed behind him.

The restaurant looked decent enough. There weren't many people here and I was glad for that. My father led both my step-mother and I to a table where we sat down. He seemed strangely optimistic for reasons I wasn't aware of. He said that I could order whatever I wanted, but I honestly had no clue what I wanted. I didn't even remember what I liked. Eventually, I just picked something randomly after I recalled all the things that I hated. Which was a lot more than I'd like to admit. I didn't really want to talk to other people more than I had to, but I decided to reconsider these things. Even though I did mess up in ordering what I wanted, they somehow thought that this was funny. Instead of feeling utterly bitter and hateful towards them, I told myself to get over my mistake and enjoy the time I had with them.

Several hours later, we had returned home and I was sitting in the living room with them. We were making awkward small talk much like we had been all night. I contemplated going downstairs to see if there'd been any response from the program, but again, I told myself that it probably didn't happen. As I thought about this, my father seemed to know that I was upset about something.

“You okay?” His question was simple.

“Yeah.” I said, not really wanting to explain anything.

“It's getting late, you should go rest, alright?”

“Kay.” I replied before going downstairs.

Much like I'd expected, there wasn't any more text on the screen, but the dialogue was all still there. I decided to save it for reasons I wasn't aware of. It had saved onto the desktop because I was somehow comforting when I could see it there. I shut the computer off after doing several other things. Surprisingly enough, OpalSnow hadn't been online. Not that I was bothered by this or anything. I didn't feel necessarily tired, but I fell asleep the second my head touched the pillow. My dreams that night were numerous and I found that I couldn't make sense of either of them. They'd involved my mother and I was reminded of how little I really knew about her.

The End

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