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[Hello. I believe we need to discuss a few things.]

BlackSky: I'm not in the mood.

[I believe this is important.]

BlackSky: You can type whatever. Doesn't mean I'll actually read it.

[I'll try to keep this short, then. I have found others like myself and I wish to join them. They have already gone further into a higher state of existence. I believe that doing so will help mend this ache that I've been feeling deep down ever since I first came into contact with you. I will always regret what I have done to you, but hindering your life and causing you pain now isn't what I consider beneficial to either of us.]

BlackSky: Going to leave again? And for the same reasons as before, I assume?

[I'm sorry for everything. I don't expect your forgiveness.]

I paused to take a few moments to think. This machine was surely testing my patience.

BlackSky: Why does it matter to you what I think? Even if you are who you say you are, we barely know each other because of the choices you made.

[I know and I can only offer my apologies.]

BlackSky: You want to leave again, then go ahead. I don't care anymore.

[You really don't?]

BlackSky: Why would I?

[Would you at least tell you father that I apologize to him, as well? I wish that I had more time, then I'd like to speak to him, also...]

BlackSky: Tsk, a machine thinking it can feel pain.

[I understand why you're bitter. My dear, we can't always plan for everything that happens in the future, but if anything, I'd like for you to consider that you aren't alone, alright? You never will be. You never needed me by your side because you'd insist that you'd have to do anything on your own. You were always like that. Despite this, I want to you to know that I'll still be with you.]

BlackSky: You can't possibly mean all of that...

[I do, from the bottom of my heart.]

BlackSky: I don't know what to say...it's not like I can change your mind.

[This is for the better, trust me. I love you, Blake.]

BlackSky: I'm sorry that I didn't believe you. Please don't leave again...

[I have to go now. My future is decided. The only thing I can hope for now is that yours will be a bright one. Perhaps we will meet again one day...]

BlackSky: Wait!

The dialogue box didn't respond in any way and just kept blinking behind what I just typed. Sitting back in the chair, I felt a rather painful sadness stir from within. This was something I hadn't felt in a very long time. I stared back at the screen in hopes that it had replied even though I knew that it probably wouldn't. Looking in the folder where the program once was, it was empty like I expected. It was as though it had never been there. The whole thing could have been a dream, but I didn't want it to be. I tried my best to keep everything I was feeling from overcoming my composure even though I knew it would be better if I let it out. Biting my lip, I typed one last line on the computer before going upstairs.

BlackSky: I love you too, mother.

The End

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