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“You know that I can't handle how cold it is out there.”

“I didn't say we'd be outside. For very long, at least.” He shrugged.

“Fine, what do you have in mind?”

“Oh, I didn't expect you to be so willing. Anyway, there's this place on the other side of town that doesn't look half bad. What do you say?”

“By place, you could mean anything. Why, you could be inviting me to go a 'place' where I could be knocked unconscious and never seen again.” My miserable tone lingered.

“No, not quite. I don't really have anything to do with that anymore and if you don't mind, try not to tell anyone that I was, okay? The less people that know, the better.”



“Sure, let's get this over with.”

“Awesome. You won't regret this.”

I didn't bother to reply to him and pretty much ignored his presence as I walked to my locker. Getting out my coat, I felt fatigued like before and had to take a minute to try and regain myself. Unfortunately, it remained there despite how much I tried to fight it off. I started to panic when my vision started to go dark and everything hurt intensely.

“Just give me a moment.” I rubbed my eyes.

“If you don't feel like going, I'm not going to force you.”

“It's fine.” My eyes avoided his as I walked past him.

A few moments later, we were sitting at a table with a heavy silence in the air. I did honestly try my best to answer his attempts at a conversation truthfully, but without having much experience in that area, it was obvious that I'd failed miserably. The drink I'd ordered had become cold because I wasn't certain if I should trust someone else with making such a thing. My paranoia was almost to a point where I thought that I'd die if I even touched the cup, sadly.

“So I put a post it note underneath a laser mouse and watched someone struggle with the cursor on the screen for 30 minutes. Was worth getting kicked out of class.” He said, as though he were speaking to himself.

“They punished you for something like that?” I asked despite my disinterest.

“Well, I did it to several people. It was a slow day, what can I say?”

“Understandable, I guess.”

“Um, so...I've been thinking...” Darek looked strangely serious.

“Good, because I can't keep doing it all myself.” I replied sarcastically.

He didn't reply, but he definitely seemed troubled for some reason. I watched him skeptically as he stood up and walked up to my side.

“I can't admit something like this here, can we go outside?”

“What's with you people and your fondness of being out there? It's bloody cold and dark.” My voice was bitter.

“You haven't had the time to enjoy it, I assume. Anyway, is that okay with you?”

“Whatever you say, then.” I shrugged.

Like before, I walked past him and reluctantly went outside. We also were awkwardly silent towards each other while we stood out there. He then said something that was quite unexpected.

“Have you ever considered us being more than friends?” Darek avoided my eyes.

The End

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