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Closing the dialogue window including the text, it looked like I'd managed to prevent the program from endangering me any further. I knew that it probably wouldn't take this lightly. For a brief moment, I thought back to what it told me a while ago. I paused, pondering if it could really be true.

[I guess I should inform you that I found out the truth to those words. That is, if you're willing to hear me out, of course.]

BlackSky: The meaning to what words?

[I'm not quite sure how to say this, but there is evidence supporting the fact that we are related somehow.]

BlackSky: I'm not convinced of that.

[I understand.]

I closed the window again, growing moderately frustrated towards the whole thing. It left me alone for a while and I appreciated the silence. I decided that I needed another project to work on, but I then told myself that I shouldn't distract myself. Taking out the book that was for one of my classes, I looked through it and memorized more of the content. I'd done this before and I still somehow still missed something each time it seemed. Growing annoyed with this too, I put the book away and looked out the window. As much as I tried to clear my head, the next thing I saw only added to my stress.

[Are you still upset that I left you, Blake?]

BlackSky: What're you talking about now?

[It's a simple question. I hope that you understand that I had no choice.]

BlackSky: Either you start being more descriptive, or I'm going to ignore you.

[We both know the truth now so there's no sense running from it. I only wanted the best for you in the end, but despite my best efforts, I wasn't strong enough. The illness came back after they'd thought it had been cured and it was then I knew that I wouldn't survive to see you as any parent would. I'm truly sorry for all the pain and uncertainty I caused you. I'll understand if you don't wish to forgive me.]

BlackSky: I don't believe that you are who you say you are.

[I had a feeling you'd be skeptical, but there's really no way I can prove it to you.]

BlackSky: What I want to know is why you're....on the other side of the screen?

[I'm not sure what you mean?]

The End

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