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Several days later, I wasn't any different, really. Nothing eventful had happened within that time, other than my father constantly denying that he knew anything about what happened to mother. It was now very clear that he did, as he'd accidentally let a bit of information slip out during our most recent conversation. He'd admitted that he knew what happened to her. Before, he only said it was an accident he knew nothing of. Of course, he'd said nothing else after this and he's been awkward around me ever since. More so than usual, that is. Since then, I'd given him some space so I could attempt to clear the air in hopes that he'd tell me more about it. I felt like I was getting closer to the truth, and yet wandering further away from it, due to the distractions of simply living. As I tried to get information about this and the culprit, it didn't seem like I was getting anywhere most of the time. I truly was beginning to feel defeated. As with that odd fatigue I experienced, I found that it was a lot more common now and I was almost sure of why. I'd been pushing myself a lot lately, whether it was by not getting enough sleep, or even just walking outside in that frigid wasteland.

At the moment, I was sitting in class spacing out again. There was snow falling outside. I wasn't usually this distracted, but there was a lot more going on in my mind than usual. The information that was being crammed in there during this class wasn't helping at all. The instructor again, displayed that familiar annoyance with my disinterest. I simply did my work and did what they wanted despite their malcontent. I found it odd how life in general went onwards despite the possible danger I was in. Even if I told anyone else, I doubted that they would take me seriously. What would I even say? That a program, that is somehow my mother told me that it put my life at risk? Even I found it ridiculous.

When the class ended, I contemplated talking to Darek, but he was acting a bit distant lately and I wasn't sure why. He'd been like this ever since I'd seen him that one night. The only idea that came to my mind was that it was my fault. I walked up to him and stood next to him awkwardly. It took him a few moments to notice my presence and it was then I realized that I'd gotten too close.

“Oh, I've been looking for you. Where've you been?” He mind seemed to be elsewhere.

“I haven't really been trying to hide.”

“I'm glad you don't feel the need to anymore.”

“Ugh, I never did.” I looked away.

“Okay, then. How's your day been going?” It was like he was truly struggling to find the words.

“Is that really what you want to talk about?”

“Haha, you got me, but I'd rather not speak about it here. You know what I'm saying?”

“Sure. Whatever.”

I was walking closer beside him than I was aware of. Inching away slowly, he didn't seem to notice. When some people started to talk to him, I got further away. I was already regretting talking to him. Assuming that he'd forgotten about me, I walked into the room with the staircase in and sat underneath them. It was colder than usual in here at the moment. I sat against the wall and took out the laptop. Like I expected, the program was there when I logged in. Ignoring it, I attempted to block it from getting any further information out of the servers.

[Surely, we can talk about this?]

The End

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