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“It's getting late, so I should be getting back. I'll see you tomorrow, right?”

“If I'm feeling better, yes.”

“Good, I look forward to it.” It looked as though his mind were elsewhere.

Darek seemed introspective as I fallowed him back up the stairs and watched him go outside. I wondered if I had said something that bothered him. Going back down to my room, I say in front of the screen, unable to figure out what to do. The line beside the last bit of text was blinking slowly, as if it were deep in thought too, somehow.

[Is there something on your mind?]

BlackSky: Nothing I want to talk about.

[Does it have to do with something I said earlier?]

BlackSky: I don't want to talk about it.

[I will let you know if I find out anything else, then.]

BlackSky: Don't bother.

[Did you find out something else?]

BlackSky: No, I just don't need anymore trouble right now. Especially when someone is probably after me now.

[I will do as you wish.]

I turned away from the screen and took a few moments to try and get some sleep. Seeing the glow of the screen, I contemplated turning the computer off, but I didn't want to converse with that program again. I turned over on my side so I couldn't see the light and eventually fell asleep.

My dreams that night were something I couldn't quite explain. They were pretty much reoccurring ones from a while back. I knew that they'd happened because of my recent theory and the possible stress that came with it. I heard someone come up to my door and knock on it loudly.

“Come on, time to go.” Dad said in a restless tone.

I didn't reply because of how fatigued I was. Last night, I hadn't checked the time before I'd fallen asleep, so I wasn't sure how long I slept for. I sat up slowly and went up to the door.

“Can you give me a few minutes?”

“Fine, are you feeling any better today?” There was a slight hint of concern in his expression.

“Probably, I'm just tired.”

“That's good to hear. Don't take too long, okay?”

“Okay.” I nodded slowly.

The End

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