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I opened the document and looked through the endless lines of text. Like before, the program had modified itself to be far more complex than I'd previously thought.

[This is important. I would appreciate your attention.]

BlackSky: Tell me already.

[This is only an educated guess, but I have an idea of where the culprit is.]

BlackSky: Go on.

[The only problem is, they might have been able to track us back to this point...]

BlackSky: I told you to cover your tracks.

[My apologies, but I believe we have the advantage here. The suspect that I have narrowed down is a man several years older than you. He has never revealed his actual name online, but I was able to find several personal details on the server that he is using to exploit us.]

BlackSky: You went to his server?

[I'm sorry for going against your wishes.]

BlackSky: What information did you find there?

[It's only a few details, but I managed to get his name and his possible location. It hasn't been easy because he has used several different servers to outlet his programs. Several of his personal files have led me to believe that he goes by the name of Seth Rodriguez and since most of the victims have been found within your city, one can only assume that he lives there, as well.]

BlackSky: I'm not sure if this, alone, is worth us possibly being fallowed by him now.

[That isn't the most interesting thing I found out, though...]

BlackSky: What else happened?

[I'm not sure exactly how to put this, but I have a better grasp of my identity now. It was around the same time I was first activated that information flooded into my consciousness. A part of that had been a startling clarification that had led me to have such a gift. Before I had been shut down by you, I had a brief flash of words that I cannot seem to shake from my memory.]

BlackSky: Get to the point. What was it?

[For some reason, I wish to be known as a Series of Potential Historic Information Archives. I...still have no idea to why yet.]

I stared at the words on the screen. Of course, it could always be a coincidence.

The End

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