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BlackSky: I'm sure something as intelligent as you can understand why you need boundaries.

[The information I found regarding the fate of the others was not deemed important?]

BlackSky: You've drawn me into a trap which could cost my life.

[Or simply we could track them down and put an end to their crimes?]

BlackSky: I cannot do something like that. It's far beyond me.

[And yet here you are, having accomplished something many can only dream of.]

BlackSky: This isn't something I can do.

[So you would rather sit here and wait for the culprit to find you, when you clearly have a chance at thwarting their crimes?]

BlackSky: I can only do so much alone.

[You are not alone, Blake.]

BlackSky: Fine. I'll do what you say.

[It might be best to tell your friend that you might be busy for a while.]

BlackSky: Keep to your own affairs and I'll mind my own. Try and find some more information without being tracked.

[Of course.]

I then looked to the messaging program.

OpalSnow: Please reply somehow.

BlackSky: What do you want?

OpalSnow: Why didn't you come to class?

BlackSky: I wasn't feeling too well.

OpalSnow: Wasn't? So you're okay now?

BlackSky: Probably.

OpalSnow: They told me to give you some notes, can we meet up, maybe?

BlackSky: You ask that a lot.

OpalSnow. You know you want to.

BlackSky: Will you stop asking if I agree to this one time?

OpalSnow: Trust me, once won't be enough.

BlackSky: Your ego is repulsive. I'll see you soon, anyway.

It had gotten dark out and it looked as though I'd lost sense of time. I wasn't sure where my father was, but I guessed he didn't want to be around someone he barely knew. This assumption was rather harsh and I felt upset because of this horrid truth. Then again, my paranoia was probably to blame. Putting on my coat, I went outside and stood in the cold.

The End

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