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BlackSky: What do you mean?

[Remember when I was ordered to infiltrate a server and edit a single factor? After such, I had realized that there was other information that would benefit you within that server. Those news articles about the missing people was buried deep within the archives that are not available to the public, merely because of their nature. Those individuals had perished and had left several clues to what had happened. The same might happen to you, it seems. The culprit has used this as a tactic to draw out more victims. We have fallen into their trap.]

BlackSky: And that is why I do not trust you. I did not order you to search for that information.

[My apologies. The lure of it made me helpless.]

BlackSky: I ask that you return to your state from before.

[I am sorry Blake, but I am afraid I cannot do that.]

BlackSky: Are you mocking me?

[Like I said. My intentions were not to upset you.]

I decided not to reply to it as I was almost certain that I wouldn't get anything productive out of this. My intuition told me that I needed to shut it down before it got too much information. It could easily decide that it did not need someone like me getting its way. Then again, that was probably my paranoia speaking again. I left the code alone and saw the messaging program blink in an annoying rhythm. As much as I wanted to reply to the massage that was written, I was hesitant to go near the computer. That blinking line only added to my annoyance.

OpalSnow: Where are you, Blake?

For some reason, I felt so odd when I saw his alias there. Slowly inching towards the screen, I knew the program was watching everything I would type.

OpalSnow: I know it wouldn't show you as online if you weren't there.

BlackSky: I don't want to talk.

OpalSnow: Did something happen?

I caught myself typing a response without thinking and tore myself away from the keyboard. The program seemed to know what I was doing and entered text.

[I trust that you will take care of your own matters and remain separate from my own?]

BlackSky: Just don't get out of line.

[And I assume you are the one who has created those perimeters?]

The End

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