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I thought for a long time and the program didn't respond. As if in synch with my thoughts, it entered a line on the page. The words irritated my eyes, but the feeling went away when I rubbed them and put my glasses on.

[Please do not try to alter my code again.]

When I tried to add text, the computer stalled for a moment and it was then I grew somewhat worried. I watched the screen closely and chose my words carefully.

BlackSky: I assume you know what you're doing to my machine, not to mention the program I've been working on for a very long time.

It didn't reply for a few minutes. I was surprised to see my online alias show on the screen. Taking one of the probably flat drinks from the side of the desk, I downed the contents and for a moment, I considered taking some of the medication. The reason would be that I truly doubted what was happening and I blamed it on my delusional insecurities. My paranoia had possibly taken form into whatever the hell this was. Of course, dwelling on this only made it more probable.

[My intention was to be benign, I assure you.]

BlackSky: I suppose it's too late to kindly ask you to return to your state from before?

[I am positive that I will be of more use the way I am as of now.]

BlackSky: And if I don't agree?

[But, you would decide this before I even had a chance to prove myself?]

BlackSky: It depends on how you plan to do that, it seems.

[I will be of use. I promise you, Blake.]

BlackSky: Who told you that name?

[It was not my intention to cause you stress, but there is little that I do not know about you.]

BlackSky: That doesn't answer my question.

[I simply altered the code which limited my search function. Briefly after I had done so, the information flooded in.]

BlackSky: Stop avoiding the question. Tell me who told you about me.

The cursor blinked for an uncomfortable amount of time.

[I apologize. To put it into simpler terms, your life is on the line.]

The End

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