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“I've told you all I can.” He shook his head out of frustration.

“Why did she leave?”

“It's alright. Just clam down, okay?” He awkwardly sat down and hugged me gently.

There were tears running down my face and I felt pathetic and miserable. Before I knew what I was doing, I found myself to be holding onto his shirt tightly. I pushed him away and managed to get to my feet. For a moment, I could see that he was just as upset as I was. My father quickly distanced himself, his eyes now avoiding mine. I rubbed the remnants of my pathetic misery off of my face and tried to regain what was left of my composure.

“So, uh, your room looks a tad cluttered.”

“I don't have people in here.”

“Looks like it. What're all of these papers for?”

“They're notes. That's all.” I replied simply, not really wanting to explain.

He walked over and took one of the papers in his hands. My father scanned the content with an odd expression.

“Did you write this?” His tone turned serious.

“Perhaps. Is there something wrong with it?”

“You might get the attention of some...dangerous people.”

“What're you talking about?”

“Nothing. Never mind. Just be more careful.”

“I can't abandon my passion, sorry.” I took the paper from his hands and put it back onto the pile.

“I'm not asking you to do that. Forget I said anything.”

“Seems I don't forget that easily.”

“Have you shown these to anyone else?”

“Only a few people.”

“Don't tell anyone else.” He turned his back to me and went upstairs.

It was obvious that my dad knew something I didn't. I grew frustrated because I hated not knowing something so crucial. He'd never got upset over something that quickly. I wanted to go upstairs and try and get some answers, but I didn't want to make him more upset. Going over to the computer on the desk, I was hesitant to do anything because of his words. I couldn't fight the old habits I'd adapted to for the last several years and I turned the machine on. The program that had modified itself was the first to greet me when I logged in. This also wasn't something I remembered putting into the text. I opened the file and looked over the code multiple times. There were more unfamiliar lines than before. When I tried to edit them, it seemed that the program wouldn't let me. Instead of being filled with utter panic, I grew curious. As much as I tried to make the other programs disable this feature, it seemed to be useless. It then opened a word processor and I watched in fascination as it apparently added text there.

[Please stop trying to alter my code.]

I blinked and read the line several times. The lines of the program's code seemed endless; a lot more had been added than I'd previously thought. I wasn't sure if I should reply in some way or to try and shut it down. That is, before it caused any actual damage.

[It is stated that I am to replace values. I have edited my own to be of more use to you. I am sure this will be of convenience.]

It appeared as though my program had become self-aware.

The End

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