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“What good can come from that?” I asked skeptically.

“Well, I wouldn't have met you if I'd kept to myself, right?”

“If you say so.”

“But, what I did before is the trick, I find. The way they live is an ideal base for one's life, even if one is to embrace it fully. It's that line between ignorance and over analyzing something that you have to balance out. Stick to one side long enough and eventually your own ideals will take over.”

“I somehow agree with you. And I have no idea why.” I said hesitantly.

“You might be yearning for a change in your life?”

“I'd rather not discuss this with someone like...” My voice trailed off as I couldn't seem to get myself to say that very thing I'd labelled him as.

“Heh, you hesitated. Now, I'm the one that's honoured.”

“Can we go back inside now? I'm getting really cold.” I said suddenly because of how embarrassed I felt.

“Of course. Do you need a ride home?”

“I shouldn't bother you for something like that.”

“To be honest, I don't want to find you unconscious again, so I insist, really.”

“Fine. I guess.”

“Awesome. Shall we go?” He gestured towards the parking lot.

“I left a few things inside, I'll be right back.”

“Want me to come with you? I'm sure you do.” There was an annoying tone in his voice.

“Do whatever, but please don't get in my way.”

“Wouldn't dream of it.” Darek smiled charmingly.

A few hours later, I'd arrived back home and I was sitting in front of the computer. He was wise in not trying to initiate conversation with me and I was glad somewhat. I was still trying to fully grasp his troubling concept for earlier. My step-mother had seen me come in earlier and she'd seen me get out of his car. Her numerous questions were deterring and degrading to a point I chose to just ignore her. She'd resorted to such simple tactics and thought that him and I were more than what we clearly were. I knew that people couldn't understand exactly what was going on between us and I didn't expect them to. I shook those thoughts from my head and looked back at the screen. It displayed the data collected from the program I'd set up earlier. The results were worrying. Why did it behave in the way it did? I suspected that one of the values it could have replaced was one of its own. Perhaps I wasn't specific enough, but it wasn't like me to be this careless. I looked over the code several times and I noticed several lines I knew I hadn't added. The copy I had backed up on a external drive confirmed my suspicions. The program had altered its own code but I couldn't figure out why. All that it had added was simply to search for and replace different values along those I'd already specified. I hoped that it only intended to widen the perimeters for its performance. I wrote down what happened in the log when I began to feel tired. My attention briefly went to the messaging program and I didn't know why I expected him to type something. It was very late and it showed his state as offline. When I realized that I was staring at his name there, I grew frustrated with myself because I couldn't focus on anything else. Giving up, I went to bed earlier than I usually did and my thoughts released my seemingly chained mind.

The End

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