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The class proved to be rather boring, as it was just reading more material. Due to numerous health issues I had, they wouldn't allow me to take part in any exhausting activity. I guess the several times I'd collapsed during their classes didn't look good on their records. Especially if they weren't to do anything about it. So basically, I spent that time reading while the others were outside doing something I clearly had no interest in. Without anyone bothering me, I was rather content at the moment. That was until I was disrupted in the most eloquently way possible. Darek had come back inside for reasons I really didn't care for and he held my attention much to my dismay.

“What're you reading there?” His words seemed innocent enough.

“The same sentence since you walked in.” I replied in an annoyed tone.

“Why, I'm honoured.” He smiled brightly.

“Excuse me?”

“You mean to say that I have, perhaps, caught your attention?”

“I didn't say that.” I looked away.

“Whatever you say then. Why don't you come outside with the rest of us?”

“Because we know how great I do running around in the cold.”

“Just a little bundle of happiness today, aren't we?”

“You asked and I gave you an answer. Nothing more.”

“Come on, aren't you bored? Most of the class has left already, anyway.”

“Then, what's the point?”

“Fresh air? The privilege of being in the presence such as myself?” He said in a rather confident manner.

“If I do what you want, will you stop bothering me?”

“Maybe.” He stuck out his hand.

I flashed him a glare and stood up without his help. Putting my reading material away, I went as slowly as possible hoping that he'd get bored and leave. Instead, he watched with a fascination that only caused my disposition to become unstable. I got the coat from my locker that was nearby and walked out the door with him behind me. He didn't say too much and I was somewhat surprised. Looking over to him, I could see that he was deep in thought. This of course, is what I could only hope.

“I guess it's not terrible out here.” I muttered despite the hate I had for the cold weather.

“See? Not bad once you get used to it.”

“Where is everyone else?”

“Must've gone home already.”

“Great. So I'm alone with you, of all people.” I looked at the ground.

“Do you not feel blessed?” That smiled returned to his face.

“I don't. Can we go back inside now?”

“Oh, don't be like that.”

“This is pointless.” I turned my back to him, still looking downwards.

He was oddly silent for a moment. I knew better than to turn my back to a stranger and I found out why within the first few moments of doing so. My hand went to the sudden cold feeling I now found on the back of my neck and going downwards. I then realized that he'd put snow there. Growing immediately uncomfortable, I turned back to see that same smile on his face. I shifted my weight, trying to make the odd chill go away. When I wasn't paying attention, he came in close and brushed the snow that was there off onto the ground. I froze the second I came into contact with him. How I wished that I wouldn't react this way. Especially with someone like him. He was a part of society. Something I thought I'd sworn from being a part of years ago.

The End

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