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I stared at him blankly.

“Excuse me?”

“I'm OpalSnow. You do know who I am, right?”

“I have to go.” My voice trailed off.

He got closer.

“We need to talk.” He started to look desperate.

“I don't want to miss the next class.”

“Is that really what you think is most important right now?”

“Please let go.”

He looked down and saw that his hand was around my wrist.

“I'm sorry. Can we meet up later, though?” He let go slowly.

“I'm getting tired of that question.”

“Okay, I...Can I get an answer?”

“Like I said, I'll think about it.”

“I don't remember you ever saying that you'd think about it.”

“If you want, I can pretend I never said anything at all.” I said sarcastically.

“You're as difficult as you are online.” He sighed.

“Right. I will...see you later. Maybe.”

“Heh, okay.” His disposition seemed to have lifted.

I started to walk away and he was close by my side. He was fallowing me and I knew it. I turned around and stared at him.

“What?” He looked amused.

“You're fallowing me.”

“We have the same class.”

“Tsk...” I stared at the ground.

He had an annoyingly charming smile on his face.

“Why must you be like that?” My voice was low.

“You know you like it.”

“Ugh, stop wasting my time.”

“You're adorable when you're pissed off.”

I glared at him with an intense hate and yet I somehow felt flattered.

“I don't get you.” I continued to stare at him.

“Yes, aren't I a mystery?” He mocked happily.

I turned around and left without replying to him. He fallowed me and sat in the desk beside mine. I was beginning to feel a bit overwhelmed with his presence. He was smiling over at me when I looked in his direction. I regretted having him know who I was.

The End

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