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I was a bit surprised when it showed values I hadn't expected of it. It listed several worrying things like the disappearances of multiple students and where they were found. I hadn't coded the program to do this, but I was curious about what it was going to do. Multiple boxes appeared on the screen and they seemed to be trying to shut down the programs I had running. That was quite interesting, I thought. I applied input to the programs so they could remove those that were hindering its performance. It worked flawlessly, but more programs were appearing. There was probably someone sending them to combat the threat my program posed. I didn't want any trouble, so I shut down most of my own and covered my tracks by altering the information of the computer I'd used, making myself practically anonymous. I shut the lid of my laptop and put it away carefully. Standing up, I walked down the hall and stood in front of the class room. There wasn't anyone in there and I was somewhat glad for that. I sat down in a seat far away from the window because I didn't want the sun in my eyes again. Several minutes passed by and the other students started to fill the classroom. I got a bit nervous because of how many there were. When Darek walked into the room, he look uncharacteristically annoyed with something. He sat down in the desk a ways away from me. I was glad that he wasn't bothering me. He was looking out the window and I wasn't a bit worried about it him at all. Why would I be? Several other students were talking to him in a irritable manner. He rubbed his arm nervously and looked away from them. The class went by rather easily and we were dismissed early because all of the work had been finished. He was still annoyed as he sat there rather awkwardly as he watched people leave. I had to keep telling myself that I wasn't worried about him at all. Putting my work away, I stood up and walked out without thinking about him.

The next class was something I enjoyed thoroughly. It was a computer-based course that involved several coding languages and multiple ways to apply then. Unfortunately, Darek was in the same class. What we had been assigned was to create a program using the language the instructor suggested. I'd created something basic, but effective. I always planned that I would never share all of my knowledge with others. It would only lead to my downfall. The instructor went over it carefully and thought it was impressive, but I thought nothing of it. They wanted to know more about how I came up with it and I only revealed a few bits and pieces of what I knew. Of course, they weren't at all satisfied, but I wouldn't say anymore about it. The other people in the class were working on their programs and since I finished mine, I took a piece of paper and wrote down most of the thoughts that entered my head. There was an odd feeling that I was being watched and looked up to see Darek staring at me. I couldn't read the expression on his face. Oddly enough, I held his gaze for a moment before I got nervous and looked away. He didn't seem to be working on anything, either. When the class was dismissed, I put my things away and slowly walked up the door. I was about to walk out until I felt someone's hand on my shoulder. There was an annoyed look on his face. I distanced myself a bit and avoided his eyes.

“What do you want?” I asked quietly.

“You were here this morning, weren't you?”

“I don't know what you're talking about.”

He pushed me against the wall and stared down at me threateningly.

“Tell me the truth.”

“Please leave me alone.”

“I know you did something.”

“You have no proof.”

He looked troubled for a moment.

“They told me your last name. You're BlackSky, aren't you?”

The End

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