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It was quite a while ago, now that I remember. I knew that this program could cause some serious damage if it weren't in the right hands, so I decided to add several things that would allow one to shut it down, even if it would take some work for them to do so. I thought that if they were stupid enough to leave their servers wide open to this sort of program, that it deserved to be taken advantage of. My reason, in all truth, was to see how far I could push myself to create something substantial. I wanted to leave some sort of proof of my existence in this world, even if it did mean disturbing the evidence of others' proof in the process. Such a thought was entertaining and somewhat sadistic. I started to feel fatigued as I continued to work away at the seemingly endless lines of code. With mostly everything starting to ache, I decided to write down what I'd done in the log and retire for the day.

I woke up when someone knocked on my door. From what I could assume, it was early in the morning. Sitting up slowly, I felt sore still and stood up to answer it. I opened to door and saw my father standing there. He looked as though he hadn't slept.

“What do you want?” I asked.

“I'm going to drive you to school, okay?”

“Isn't it a bit early for that?”

“I leave for work soon, I hope they don't notice if I'm late.”

“There's no need for that.”

“You have no choice.” He smiled.

“Right. Give me a moment.” I shut the door before he could reply.

I locked the door and then walked up to the dresser. There wasn't really anything I liked, so I picked something random and carefully put it on. I saw several bruises in several places and I couldn't remember where they'd come from. They were sore when I touched them. I looked in my bag to see if everything was there. Even though I hadn’t' really taken anything out, it felt reassuring to see that nothing had changed. I carefully brushed my hair and did several other things before I locked my door and left the house with my father. It was still dark out, but the sky got a bit light when we'd arrived at my school. The car came to a stop and I turned to get out. I then felt my dad's hand on my shoulder.

“Have a good day, alright?” He said in a kind voice.

“Fine. Whatever.” I replied coldly.

I shut the door and quickly walked up to the building. When I tried the door, it was locked and I noticed that it was a key-based lock. The cold was starting bug me immensely, so I took out the same hair pin I used the other day and attempted to unlock the door. I never used these things and I only had them for this purpose. The door quickly gave way and unlocked. I opened it and sat in the stairwell, where no one could see me. Taking out my laptop, I had the program I'd been working on backed up on one of the hard drives. I worked on it for a few minutes and I decided to test it out. The server was quite easy to figure out and I managed to get past the multiple programs that were probably meant to deter intruders. It was the server the school used, so I wanted to test the program I had and searched for the grades a random student had in several classes. I found several numbers and I tested the program a bit more by having it alter one of them. It changed much like I expected and I quickly shut down the program before anyone would notice.

“So it works.” I said to myself.

I stared at the code with fascination and felt quite proud of myself. Looking at the clock on the laptop's screen, I saw that I still had a lot of time before my first class. I felt a bit curious and started up the program again. There were several other ones I loaded along with it and I started to scan over the values on the screen.

The End

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